Review Of Boardman SLR Endurance 9.2

Review of the Boardman SLR Endurance 9.2 provides you an overall picture of what you can expect out of this latest endurance bike model.

The advantages of the bike are that it is of great value; offer you lively and lightweight rides when you are on endurance runs. However the model has a standard look and feel and there is no celebrity aura about the bike design.

Boardman Bikes are a company that has grown over the last few years and there are eight distinct ranges of bikes that the company has. The SLR Endurance range of road bikes has been released since 2016 and sports a fresh look. The new bike designs are purposeful. You will find comfort even with day long rides and even if you are focused on fast rides you will not have to compromise much.

This particular model comes with a frame that is a robust model, but the paint job done on it probably makes it look less glamorous than what it would appear to be. The color scheme is a predominant white color. The bike frame has sleek and clean lines. The bike has a stiff, but lightweight frame that will give you comfort even if you are riding it all day long that fits the bill of it being an endurance model.

The bike has quality parts such as compact chain set of FSA SLK line that is a premier range as well as brake calipers of similar premium quality. Indeed, the carbon based four arm spider design also makes it a serious competitor for similar models like Dura Ace. On the whole, if you are looking to invest in an endurance bike, this model will certainly stand up to the quality tests that you put it through. However, many might want a more impressive finish or appeal for such a high end bike.